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"...just a few days after reading your incredibly easy to follow guide, I was confident enough to build grid-inter-tied solar power system as outlined. This not only powers my entire house, but literally makes my electric meter run backwards! This guide easily paid for itself many times over in just a few weeks... "
Adam W
Venice, CA

"...your book answered all my questions about solar energy, wind turbine energy, and more!...I didn't know there were different options including the portable options, my first project and very easy... and off the grid too!... with your help, anyone can save money on their electric bill and help the environment by going green with your solar energy, wind energy, and other ideas. I think my own mother could do this...NOW!"
Louis Zanolli

"...just wanted to drop a line to say thanks. After receiving your guide we made our own solar panel grid, and it's giving us more than enough energy to power our household appliances. OUr next step is to build a wind powered system for those cloudy days. We've already noticed how much money we can save!

Thanks again for giving us the know how to help make this a better world for our kids and grandkids."

"...After reading this valuable information, I now can create my own energy saving solar generator as well as a wind turbine. This book made me realize how easy it is do these tasks. Maybe easy is not the word, because it does take energy on our part to get out there and use these devices to work for us! I would recommend to anyone wanting to save the environment (for our children) to grab hold of this book, and more importantly use it. You won't regret it..."
Mya Rubio


Rainy Weather is Good for Solar Power Homes? Who Knew!

Who knew rainy weather could actually be good for Solar Power Homes? I have always thought that solar panels produced more power during summer when sun shines brightest and were so-so during the winters. Imagine then to my surprise when I came across this article at CBS website explaining otherwise.

It seems that the solar panels commonly in use by individual households get coated by dust and are relatively dirtier during summers thus reducing their efficiency and capacity to fully utilize the bright summer sun. On the other hand, during winters while the sun may not be shining at its brightest, the solar panels are relatively dust free and cleaner. This in turn allows them to more efficiently convert what little sunlight they do get into electricity.

Moral of the story? Cleanliness is next to Godliness :-) Keep your solar panels clean and wash them regularly during summers to keep them at their fittest!

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